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2 Tips to Get Year-End Gifts that Keep on Giving

It’s December! What’s on your nonprofit’s holiday wish list? 

How about a gift that keeps on giving… 

An endowment. 

An endowment is to a nonprofit as an IRA is to a senior citizen. People spend decades saving for a comfortable retirement. An endowment is your goose that lays golden eggs. It can ensure your nonprofit’s future by engaging your most loyal donors.  

BUT! Endowments aren’t for everyone. If you’re an established nonprofit with earned revenue and a strong donor base, it can be the perfect wish list item. If you’re a start-up nonprofit without a database… not so much. 

Your endowment secures your nonprofit’s future. Donors can fund it in the form of cash, appreciated stock, IRA rollovers, bequests, etc. (There are lots of ways to give to an endowment fund – check out my recent webinar for more examples!) The proceeds of these funds provide operating funds in perpetuity – a gift that gives year after year. 

Want to find the donors who will make your endowment wishes come true? Here are two tips you can use NOW: 

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