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Want your board to get big gifts? Need a dynamic retreat facilitator, speaker or fundraising coach? VMJA offers seminars on grantsmanship, governance, and The Nonprofit Hero asking method fundraising training. We specialize in results-driven retreats, whether your goal is to craft a strategic plan, address critical issues or revitalize your board. It’s lonely at the top, so we also offer confidential coaching for executive directors and board chairs. 

The Nonprofit Hero Asking Method

Want your board members to hear “Yes!” when they ask for gifts? The Nonprofit Hero asking method teaches authentic and inspired fundraising in 5 easy steps. Each step calls forth a noble attribute in the asker, such as gratitude, creativity or curiosity; each step is illustrated with entertaining stories drawn from real life. The Nonprofit Hero asking method can teach your board to get more gifts, and to participate in the fundraising process in ways that dissolve their fears and play to their strengths.
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Does your nonprofit need an infusion of clarity and enthusiasm? A scaffolding upon which to build your future? VMJA’s experienced facilitators can design half-or full-day retreats to meet your goals. We spark fresh thinking in the face of intransigent problems and open your eyes to opportunities you didn’t know you had. If you’re planning an annual, strategic planning, problem-solving or team-building retreat, let VMJA guide you.


Enliven your conference with pragmatic and insightful talks that will resonate for years to come. Internationally renowned speaker Valerie Jones has addressed audiences from Baltimore to Beijing. Talks can be tailored to suit your audience and timeframe from a 45-minute lecture to a three hour, hands-on, in-depth workshop. Topics include:

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