Strategic & Development Plans 

What good is an idea that’s never realized? VMJA strategic plans identify your North Star, a simple, memorable concept to guide you on your chosen path. Our development plans often begin with a ten-point fundraising audit, so you’ll know where you’re starting from. We then lay out pragmatic, step-by-step, ways to underwrite the future you long to create. We’ll stay by your side, coaching you through implementation, because sometimes the world doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Strategic Plans

They’ve got to know where you’re going to follow you. VMJA can help distill your mission, vision, goals and objectives into an inspiring strategic plan. A VMJA-facilitated retreat will identify a ‘North Star’ to guide you, your competitive advantages, weaknesses, opportunities, and brainstorm your optimal big picture strategies. We translate your aspirations into action plans, assignments, budgets, and timelines, coaching you through successful implementation.

Development Plans

Want to raise more money, restructure your development department or prepare for a Capital Campaign? We’ll help you build your fundraising muscle with recommendations on critical infrastructure issues like software and staffing, as well as explicit strategies for reaching more corporate, foundation, government and individual donors. Our month-by-month to-do lists make implementation easy, and we can even present the plan in person to ensure board buy-in.


Like your annual check-up, a development audit scans your fundraising health and effectiveness. Your ten-point audit will benchmark your current performance, identify missed opportunities and recommend areas for improvement. The scorecard you’ll receive is a sound foundation upon which you can build your development plan, and gives you a chance to “get your house in order,” before adding staff or launching a capital campaign.

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