Clients: Community Building

A caring, civilized society depends on associations and community service providers, on funders and faith-based organizations. VMJA is honored to assist those who empower so many others.


When Alexis de Tocqueville called America “a nation of joiners,” he might have been referring to these VMJA clients, who uphold the proud tradition of banding together for the common good.

Community Resources

Women, children, the disenfranchised and homeless are championed by these nonprofits. With help, their clients achieve economic independence, build stronger lives and vibrant cultural communities.

Faith-Based Organizations

Faith-based organizations provide more than places to worship. They reach out to runaway youths with nowhere to go, to seniors raising grandchildren, to the hungry in body as well as in spirit.


From dinosaur research to nonprofit effectiveness to legal services for the vulnerable, each of these funders takes the long view, making grants with vision and forethought.

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